The GoScopia Concept

For those who might be interested in what GoScopia is (was) all about...

What is holistic relevance?

It isn't easy to explain, even though we all know what it's about...

Have you ever wondered why it is, that we spend hours and hours booking travel online, jumping from one site to another? Even travel agents - the experts - spend many hours looking for solutions for their clients. This is especially true when planning a complicated trip with many components or to a place we've never been before.

I believe the reason for this is that we are trying to create a big picture in our minds - how does each piece of information fit the context of my trip? How do all the pieces fit to each other? How does it all fit me and/or my travel companions? We have dozens (if not hundreds) of big and small questions requiring more and more searches and visits to other sites. The attempt to answer all these questions is called "holistic relevance". The whole is greater than the sum of  its parts.

So how does GoScopia (attempt to) create holistic relevance?

In the first steps of developing the GoScopia platform, geographic layers of travel and tourism services were created and data (services) was attached to those layers. This way, the data (travel and tourism services) is shown to the user with some level of geographic relevance, eliminating the need for repeated searches into different geographic areas.

As a quick example: If you search for a certain location around the world, GoScopia was designed to show you the nearest airport with services at that airport (such as airlines flying to that airport, public transportation, nearby hotels and many other categories).  This eliminates the need to run a new search to see what's at the airport and then another search for each category of services.

It goes much, much farther than this simple example. It might be easier to think of GoScopia as a platform which creates a travel and tourism universe filled with galaxies, solar systems, planets and moons around the location you searched. In one search, you can see the entire universe while zooming in to galaxies and solar systems, viewing each of them through different dimensions. Like this ("X" is the location searched):

That's where the development of GoScopia ended, because I ran out of money. The next stage planned was development of more and more dimensions of relevance, so that the user can display data that is increasingly more personalized and relevant, therefore substantially-reducing the search time to seconds while simultaneously increasing the chances of a booking. Advertising possibilities are also created with pinpoint accuracy which, again, increases the likelihood of a booking.

Perhaps this would be a good place to mention that the GoScopia platform is designed for search, and not for bookings.

After that stage, the idea was to create an API which would allow third parties to create a "universe" around a specific location (hotel, event, airport), or multiple universes around several locations (cruises, airlines), in one search. There was also a plan to create a tool for travel agents to use the GoScopia platform to substantially reduce their search time while substantially increasing revenues.

Finally, I discovered something by accident - That the GoScopia platform could very well be useful to shipping agents and companies that are looking for solutions similar to travel agents, except with services related to shipping instead of tourism. Creating a tool for them was also planned down the road.

What is my offer to you?

If you are an entrepreneur interested in the industries of travel and tourism, perhaps work for (or own) a travel and tourism company, and would like to consider the possibility of investing your resources into the continued development of the GoScopia platform - let's talk about it.  I'll be happy to tell you more over Skype or the phone, send you a pitch deck, show you a demonstration of what has been built and explain in greater detail where this can go.

I'd like to get something (money or equity) in exchange for what has already been built and will be happy to advise you, or be part of the team, during development.

Thank you for taking the time to read a bit about the GoScopia concept. I look forward to hearing from you.